Like it or not, remote work is our new normal.

Invite it in for tea and biscuits because it’s well and truly here to stay. Across Australia, businesses are rushing to improve their remote work capacity so that staff can work from home or on the go. Speed is of the essence, but doing it right is key.

When Willy’s working in Wallaroo, Cath’s calling in from the caff, and Noah’s on the blower from Goa, Comscentre keeps it all together with a suite of remote work solutions.

Remote Working solutions


Tools to get the team spirit flowing.

Collaboration tools have gone from nice-to-have to the most important and effective vehicles of productivity that a business can have in its fleet.

Conference calls, messaging services, mobile applications, and customer care? Comscentre can craft collaboration systems that really boost your business.

Multi-Site Networks

We’re here, there, and everywhere to keep you connected.

Whether your remote staff are calling in from a cave in Coober Pedy or a Canberra condo, you need the network solution that will keep everyone on exactly the same page.

From choosing your carrier to dealing with VPNs, firewalls, and network security, Comscentre will guide you through the maze so you arrive at a multi-site solution that really gets things moving.

Network Security

Out of site peace of mind.

Site spread is not without its dangers. Away from HQ, unsafe network connections can leave your company open to internet uglies.

Comscentre’s comprehensive network security systems allow you to fully embrace the brave new world of remote work without worrying about yet another lurgy doing the rounds.

Cloud Services

Our stairway to Cloud heaven.

Sharing is caring and access is awesome. That’s why we’re big fans of The Cloud and the incredible services it can offer your business.

With Comscentre’s VPN connections to public and private Cloud providers, you can link up with Cloud-based services and applications quickly, easily, and securely.

One Touch Control

1000 miles apart but calling the shots with just one touch.

No remote work solution would be complete without our little slice of tech magic - Comscentre’s unique One Touch Control platform that businesses across Australia are gobbling up like sausage rolls at a conference.

OTC is the ultimate network control panel - letting you view, monitor, and control all your operations from one place. When it comes to managing a geographically spread complex network ecosystem, OTC will be your new BFF. Pinky swear.