Gary Murphy, our Brisbane Solutions Specialist assists our emergency response customer during a Brisbane storm emergency.
Thursday night saw the worst storm in Brisbane for 20 years. For most not a great evening, especially those with smashed up cars and property.

But for one of our customers, storms like Thursday’s are the lifeblood of their business. Stream Group are the guys who insurance companies depend on to take the calls from people all over Australia and manage their claims, provide help and replace damaged property.

Yesterday morning at 8am they informed me that they are taking on 20 extra phone staff to work over the weekend in order to deal with the surge in calls they were expecting. Problem is they didn’t have enough headsets for them.
A couple of phone calls later and I managed to secure 20 headsets with a Saturday morning delivery. This meant that our team had to drop whatever they were doing in order to push this through in record time.

The headsets were delivered first thing this morning and due to the extraordinary ability of the managed Lync solution we put in for Stream they were able to take calls and give help to people impacted by the storm.

24 hours from the customer calling me to having agents answering calls is no mean feat. And it might sound like such a small and insignificant thing but as is often the case it is the small things that make all the difference to our customer’s businesses and the value of their relationship with us.

Thanks to those who did drop what they were doing to help out. The extra mile is the best part of the road to be on. ~ Gary Murphy, Brisbane office.