It’s our flagship, blue chip mothership – for total network ownership.

Our OTC enterprise network management platform is your one-stop-shop for organizing even the most unruly of multi-carrier environments within one simple portal. It’s an unparalleled tool for steering your entire network to the ultimate business frontier.

Fill me in, Scotty, what does it mean?

Fifteen years ago, our clever crew designed One Touch Control to proactively monitor and manage network, infrastructure and communication services. We’ve been developing and adapting it ever since and for big brand businesses across Australia it’s an invaluable, customisable tool for their network operations.

With OTC, You: 

Are empowered with real-time information about network performance, infrastructure and services. Your engineers can concentrate on resolving issues rather than information gathering because they no longer need to flit from portal to portal for updates. 

You'll enjoy:

  • Real-time status on your network performance and utilisation
  • Real-time status on incident, request and change management
  • Proactive alerts on service outages and network failovers 24x7x365
  • Real-time measurement and monitoring of adherence to SLAs and KPIs; and
  • Access to all finance and contracting information.

With OTC, We: 

Have sharp ears and use them to great effect. We listen to the details of your governance controls, then we go away and customise for you: 

  • NOC wallboards
  • Network weather maps
  • Service management platform integration
  • Reporting layers; and
  • Presentation layers

To aid a smooth journey, we can even set OTC up to monitor and manage existing legacy equipment.

With OTC, your network lives long and prospers.

OTC is like a single pane of glass, allowing you to peer in and monitor operations from one place. Under that pane of glass is your entire business communications ecosystem - all your major self-service, support, network operations and billings systems right there in a unified, seamless management and reporting portal. 

One Touch Control boldly goes where no communications company has gone before.

There’s so much to OTC, we’d probably fill up the internet writing about it here. Suffice to say, it’s the cat’s whiskers. It’s the secret sauce that has companies across Australia hooked.