IT Trainees at Comscentre Brisbane Office

Comscentre has taken on three new trainees as part of its commitment to helping young people get a foot in the door of the IT industry.

The telecommunications specialist has offered traineeships to Romana Blanco, 18, Jessee Craft, 19, and Sarah Hall, 21, within its Brisbane headquarters at Spring Hill.

Romana and Sarah will complete their 12 month traineeship in IT support while Jessee will complete her traineeship in business administration.

“Comscentre is committed to helping young people work towards their career goals and get a foot in the door of the evolving IT industry,” Comscentre national support manager Patrick Boe said.

“Our decision to take on trainees not only provides us with a valuable source of new employees, but it shows our staff we are a serious company interested in investing in the future of our business and the IT industry.

“Our trainees will be with us for the next 12 months and hopefully they will all want to stay on with Comscentre.”

A fourth trainee is due to start soon. Each will be given on the job training, assignments and regular support and guidance.

Ms Blanco, who was recently awarded Best New Employee of the Month, said she had already completed her Certificate 3 in IT networking at school and the traineeship would give her ‘hands on’ experience as well as a Certificate 4 qualification.

“I really want to get into the engineering side of things,” she said.

“I’m very interested in the way things are put together and how they work. I’m still learning the ropes but my role involves getting as much information for the engineers as possible on problems with customers’ equipment, record keeping and some phone testing.”

Comscentre specialises in converging voice data, internet and telephone systems for small and medium businesses and regularly contributes to community and employment programs.

Last year it offered a six-month internship to an indigenous trainee as part of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES).