Lady moving business offices with iPad and boxes

It’s imperative that you let your Comscentre Account Manager know ASAP. While you’re in the midst of organising the move its important not to forget your telephone system and data network.

These elements can take some time to relocate and if you would like to retain your phone numbers at the new site we will need to port those numbers across. To be safe we need at least 8 weeks advanced notice for a standard relocation.

Some of the indicative time frames to relocate services are list below.

Remember the more time we have to prepare the better chance we have of getting everything lined up in the time frame required.

Telephone Services

  • PSTN: Allow 5 business days.
  • ISDN2: Allow 10 business days.
  • ISDN10/20/30: Allow 25 business days.

Data Services

  • ADSL: Allow 7 business days.
  • BDAS:
    • Lite: Allow 20 Business Days Standard: Allow 20 Business Days
    • Enhanced: Allow 20 – 50 Business Days (Metro or Regional)
    • Premium: Allow 20 – 50 Business Days (Metro or Regional)
  • Soul: EFM: Allow 20 Business Days
  • AAPT: Allow 25 Business Days
  • Big Air: Allow Business 10 Days


This is a rough guide and can be affected by available copper / fibre in the ground. Lead in cable issues, and delays caused by building management.

If you incorporate a number port to a different carrier as part of a relocation this can push out the completion of the project by up to 35 business days minimum.

What happens if we don’t have enough time?

Don’t despair. At Comscentre we have a number of temporary strategies to get you moved. Some of our strategies include

  • Exchange based diversions of number ranges
  • The provision of a 3G/4G network connection for the provision of a temporary data connection
  • The use of Comscentre’s SIP Connect product to route calls out Comscentre’s SIP gateway
  • The use of a temporary ADSL2 connection which can be in place within 7 days


Remember while these strategies are aimed at getting services in in the fasted possible time frame they are risky, so it’s best to plan ahead as much as possible.