Woman waiting on hold

Companies that keep customers on hold with irritating jingles, the radio or silence could be doing themselves out of business, communications specialist Comscentre says.

Small to medium sized businesses are realising first impressions count and are turning to professional custom telephone greetings known as Message/Music on Hold (MoH).

“Research has shown that the combination of on hold music with informational messages, or MoH, entices callers to hold for an average of three minutes,” Comscentre Queensland business development manager Brad Chapman said.

“This is in contrast to research showing 90 per cent of customers on silent hold abandon the call after 40 seconds. The Greensleeves tune meanwhile, voted the most infuriating on hold music, makes callers think the ice cream truck is coming around the corner.

“A telephone call is the first contact many customers have with a business and first impressions count. A professional message can help businesses give their customers the right experience and perception of their company.”

Comscentre has introduced a new MoH service to its suite of products to help businesses sharpen their image. It utilises state of the art studio facilities, professional voice talent and a strict editing process to produce MoH packages to cater for individual business needs.

The group recently rolled out the technology for Beenleigh-based Magnitude Financial Planning.

Managing partner Rob Bruhl said clients who ring the office are greeted by a short welcoming message before being connected to reception.

“It’s actually created more business for us,”

Mr Bruhl said.

“We are offering a new alternative service which we are promoting in our welcoming message and clients have further inquired about this without our prompting.

“It has heightened the professional image of our business and it’s far better than the alternative silence or the radio. Ultimately it’s a marketing tool that can increase revenue.”

Mr Bruhl said the system also gave Magnitude the flexibility to change or update the message for a small fee.