Comscentre is proud to announce that it is now providing ‘Microsoft Lync 2013 certified’ SIP trunks, making us one of just a handful of providers to Australian and Asia-Pacific businesses.

The certification gives customers high quality voice calls without the excessive costs of extra physical equipment; and its simple integration unleashes the full potential of Microsoft Lync’s features.

With higher quality voice calls and significant savings on call costs, our Lync certified SIP service compliments the extensive suite of solutions that Comscentre offers to enterprises. Lync customers can connect seamlessly to our SIP trunks without the need for complicated external systems or processes.

Managed by Comscentre’s signature application, One Touch Control (OTC), customers can take advantage of a SIP self-service failover management of indial numbers for PSTN redirection, 24X7. This allows customers to pre-populate failover destinations, like a mobile phone, in the event of a communication crisis that may include the likes of infrastructure failure or natural disasters.

With Microsoft as one of our top vendors, it’s a strategic progression for Comscentre to have obtained Microsoft Lync 2013 certification of our SIP trunks; for all the benefits it avails our customers.

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