Australia Post awards Comscentre 5-year managed services contract and network upgrade
In a David and Goliath showdown, Australian-owned Managed Services provider wins contract for Australia’s largest retail network.

MELBOURNE 7th August, 2019 – Comscentre, an Australian owned company specialising in enterprise-grade, managed network and collaboration solutions, today announced it has been awarded the contract for Australia Post’s forthcoming network upgrade and five-year managed services contract.

The project includes the roll out of Cisco Meraki SD-WAN infrastructure and a transition of network connectivity across more than 4,000 metro, regional and remote sites nationally.

The announcement comes after Australia Post went to market seeking a partner that could offer superior service delivery with a flexible, innovative and proven approach to transition and transformation.

Comscentre’s unique point of difference was an internally developed network management platform; One Touch Control (OTC). OTC has the unique ability to amalgamate multi-vendor and carrier connectivity into a single dashboard that monitors and reports on network performance, hardware health, carrier SLAs and best practice business processes. The platform will provide Australia Post with a single pane of glass view of the entire network ecosystem as it continues with international expansion and the rollout of new services to a broader market.

4 years ago, Comscentre partnered with Brisbane based RIoT Solutions to design and deploy what was at the time, the largest Cisco Meraki SD-WAN roll out its type in the country for Flight Centre Limited (FCL). The project included the transformation of 1,100 retail sites nationally and was completed within a nine month project timeframe. Comscentre went on to manage the multi carrier environment leveraging OTC as the underlying platform to drive greater visibility of network utilisation, carrier performance and hardware monitoring via a single dashboard approach. The two partners will again join forces to transform the largest retail footprint in the land for one of the countries most trusted brands; Australia Post.

“We are pleased to have Comscentre on board to help take our customer service and experience to a new level. Comscentre demonstrated a clear understanding of our vision for the future, and we look forward to expanding our capability with their expertise,” said John Cox, Chief Information Officer, Australia Post.

“The current Telco market represents a “Perfect Storm” for Comscentre given our agnostic approach to aggregating network services across all carriers coupled with 16 years of investment in the OTC platform. Our ability to manage complex, multi carrier environments, provides us a clear differentiator that is filling a void in the changing market,” said Cameron Quilty Executive Director, Comscentre.

“As the market embraces new technologies such as SD-WAN and the NBN, traditional legacy carriers with large sunk investments in ageing networks are experiencing declining returns, making it difficult for them to expand on or even support their current infrastructure. The result is reduced investment, resilience and increased outages. What has historically been a carrier’s greatest asset has become their greatest future liability with recent staff cuts across the country in the Telco sector testament to the challenges they face.”

“In contrast, Comscentre is uniquely positioned to run and manage multi-vendor, best-of-breed network ecosystems and services within a market facing intense pressure to maintain quality of service under rapidly changing conditions and competitive pressure.”

“The successful engagement with Australia Post endorses our approach. By leveraging the Australian government’s $50 billion investment in the nbn™ network, Cisco Meraki SD-WAN and OTC, Comscentre will provide Australia Post a managed, multi carrier network while supporting a fleet of 15,000+ devices across 4,000+ locations.”


About Comscentre

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