Physical retail networks and supply chains are rapidly growing in size and complexity, placing greater importance on IT infrastructure. When customers visit physical retail environments, they expect a seamless, personalised and real time shopping experience. This includes the ability locate and order stock at point-of-sale or access customer loyalty programs via mobile apps and store databases. 

Businesses like Amazon Go are pioneering the future of retail where even the checkout becomes a wireless automated transaction point. To keep up with these changes, network stability is key to surprise and delight customers at every stage of their purchase. 

However, aging network infrastructure can negatively impact customer experience. Rolling network outages and dropouts with no backup or redundancy measures place retailers at risk of being periodically be offline, missing out on sales and falling behind the competition. 

Connecting Multiple Retail Sites with the Latest Technology 

At Comscentre we work with our retail clients to find solutions that are flexible, reliable, secure and cost saving. When creating a multi-site network for retail customers, Comscentre use a secure network solution based on SD WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Network), cloud and wireless solutions. From powering PoS systems to connecting shoppers, cloud networking provides the ideal solution for stores that need on-demand connectivity. 

Managed Services – Allowing retailers to focus on sales, not IT 

Maintaining your network using a Comscentre Managed Service means that if there is ever an issue with your voice or data services or any of your equipment, then you need to only contact Comscentre Support. 

Case Study – Flight Centre 

Comscentre has implemented the largest SD-WAN in Australia for Flight Centre – including carrier provisioning, network management and a Cisco Meraki SDWAN and Wireless to approximately 1,100 sites. The largest project of its kind globally at the time of delivery, building on the vision to create ‘The Store of the Future’. Monitoring and vendor management are delivered by Comscentre’s One Touch Control (OTC), integrated with the Cisco Meraki platform. 

Solutions for Retailers 

Today, there is a wide range of providers and network infrastructure available to retail businesses. Understanding the options and making the right choice for your business can be a challenge, so selecting a service provider like Comscentre to help navigate these options can make all the difference. Book a consultation today.