Remote worker utilising cloud technology

Comscentre Cloud Computing Product Manager Paul Leung tells us why business is better in the cloud.

Easy access

You can access your documents and services from anywhere! From different mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, even smart phones. Dreaming of running your business from the beaches of Whitsunday Islands? It can be done.

No upfront cost

No need to purchase hardware and/or software up front. Most pricing models are per user based. The cost to your business is much more predictable. In most cases, for small business it is cheaper for purchasing.

IT experts

The cloud’s hardware and software are designed and maintained by highly skilled experts. Many small and medium businesses value their knowledge.


Hassle free upgrades

As your business grows, adding additional capacity is easy and fast. No need to purchase and install new hardware. New software features are available once it has been released. No more paying for upgrades!



Cloud servers are located in secure data centres. They have protection against power outages, physical theft and fire. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hardware failure protection

Clouds are built on multiple servers and in some instances, across multiple cities and/or countries.


Cost Savings

Taking networks and other components into account, the overall Cloud computing solutions might not reduce your cost. However, you can now enjoy all the bells and whistles that previously, were only affordable by large corporate businesses. Large business tools for small businesses? Priceless!


Comscentre is Australian-owned with global reach providing corporate grade IP telephony, data, video, LAN and WAN managed communications services across Australia and Asia. Comscentre provides businesses with the unique One Touch Communication solution – the amalgamation of voice, video and data into one centralised, affordable and fully managed service that enables collaborative networking.

The company has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Asia. It is a NBN retail service provider, Cisco Silver Certified Partner and Cisco Master Managed Services provider.