Last year the pandemic forced the education industry to upgrade its delivery model and connect students and teachers through online classrooms. Technology played a key role in the transition to hybrid learning environments and has enforced the importance of network reliability in education.

While demand has grown for cloud services and remote learning, there is also the ongoing requirement to maintain school and campus physical network infrastructure that connects a range of education devices within classrooms and facilities such as WiFi.

Connecting Students via Remote Access

At Comscentre we have worked with a number of schools and higher education providers to deliver solutions that are flexible, reliable, secure and cost saving. When creating a remote education solution, Comscentre use a secure private network solution based on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) cloud and wireless technology.

Comscentre OTC – for Total Network Visibility

Do more with less and reduce errors from complex configurations with One Touch Control’s dashboard and diagnostics. OTC means one place for bills, orders, reports, contracts, support and handy visuals like Network Maps. With OTC, Comscentre simplifies IT allowing you to quickly adapt to changes in your network size or requirements.

Managed Services – Allowing Educators to Focus on Teaching, not IT 

Maintaining your network using a Comscentre Managed Service means that if there is ever an issue with your voice or data services or any of your equipment, then you need to only contact Comscentre Support. 

Case Study – Genazzano FCJ College

Genazzano College Grounds

With a wide range of subjects available, and an increasing number of staff teaching niche subjects in flexible formats, Genazzano FCJ College needed a system that could adapt to flexible, mobile teaching and accommodate future staff and structural changes. Comscentre was able to give the old network a needed an overhaul and empowered the College with full and easy control to scale up or down their network as faculty staff fluctuate, easily adding or removing them as required.

Solutions for Schools and Higher Education

Today, there is a wide range of providers and network infrastructure available to schools and higher education providers. Understanding the options and making the right choice for your business can be a challenge, so selecting a Service Provider like Comscentre to help navigate these options can make all the difference. Book a consultation today.