More angles for attack.

Staff are accessing data from a growing range of public and private clouds. They’re working remotely more often and from increasingly weird and wonderful places. This means more angles for attack. And those attacks just keep on coming.

With Comscentre’s suite of Network Security solutions, you’ll have peace of mind that:

  • Devices within your network are protected from external threats such as spyware, ransomware, and malware.
  • The identity data of your business, your staff, and your clients is kept safe no matter what.
  • Shared data remains secure and security protocols are fit for the unique needs of your organisation.
  • Your network is properly restricted and protected, ensuring stability and optimal performance at all times.

Comscentre’s Australia-based Security Operations Centre keeps watch 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure your network is as safe as houses. Our network security solutions are tailored to your organisation’s unique security requirements, keeping your data – and your customers’ data – under lock and key.

The Comscentre Intrusion Detection and Prevention System works tirelessly to ensure your assets are protected, while our dedicated Network Security team design, manage, and maintain complete security solutions specifically for your organisation.

Our Network Security services

Proactive Monitoring

Issue detection and resolution, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managed Firewall

The doorman of your network - only the good data gets in and out.

Virtual Private Networks

Providing secure remote access.

One Touch Control

Our all-seeing, all-doing portal for complete visibility and control of your Network Security.