Whatever more you’re looking for

Whether it’s secure access to public clouds, heightened security across your network, or power sources that just won’t quit we’ve you covered. Add security, add resilience, add it all up and you’ve got yourself a world-class network solution.

Our Add-On services

Cloud Connect

Get your head in the clouds

Direct private access to the public cloud? It’s like VIP access into da club without having to line up. And with more and more business taking place in the cloud, this is the access your network needs.

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It’s all well and good till the power goes out

And when it does, the best laid plans of network redundancy often go awry. Unless of course, someone with incredible foresight, a hero if you will, had designed the network with an uninterruptible power supply.

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Managed Firewall

Fighting fire with firewalls

As we open ourselves to more flexible ways of working, we can open our networks to more internet nasties. That is of course unless you have the total peace of mind of a Comscentre Managed Firewall.

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Network Security

You can never have too much of a good thing

And a secure network is a very good thing to have – today more so than ever. Cyber villains and other web nasties take one look at the Comscentre fortress and haul themselves straight off to the naughty corner.

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