Single, global queue

As a cloud hosted solution, Webex Contact Centre creates a single, global queue from which to route omnichannel (voice, email, chat, video) customer interactions to one or more teams, sites, or outsourced partners.

It’s designed with an open platform and flexible cloud architecture that enables you to fully implement business application technology investments and smoothly connect them to the contact centre at any time.
With 360-degree customer journey analytics, Webex Contact Centre enables you to consolidate, track, and analyse data from all your enterprise systems through the entire customer lifecycle and across all channels.

Webex Contact Centre also provides full support for Google Contact Centre AI, a Google platform that integrates seamlessly to provide functionality such as:

  • Agent Assist – dynamic and intelligent help, support and suggestions provided to agents during a call, by listening in and providing text-based information relevant to the topic they are discussing, on the screen in front of them
  • Virtual Agent – a fully customisable and intelligent chatbot that can respond to customer queries with no human intervention required.