Flexible, scalable, highly cost effective

Delivered via our SIP Connect platform onto the PSTN, we connect your teams efficiently with high quality voice calls in whichever way best fits their individual workflow, be it via mobile, desktop handset, or Teams based collaboration clients.
Flexible, scalable, highly cost effective, and all underpinned by our Comscentre end-to-end management and support.

Our Calling

Webex Calling

A highly flexible and scalable shared cloud solution Webex Calling is ideal for businesses with anywhere between 10 and 250 users.

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Comscentre HCS

Designed around your business needs, our Comscentre Hosted Collaboration Solution is a dedicated cloud solution, perfect for businesses with anywhere from 200 to 10,000+ users.

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Comscentre SIP Connect

Designed to work with your existing on or off premise telephony systems, our Comscentre SIP Connect solution consolidates your voice, video and data, and delivers you significant cost advantages.

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