Tony White Group

Hosted Collaboration and Voice.

Business Objectives

Tony White Group, one of Australia’s largest automotive groups, went to market in May 2016 seeking out a forward thinking, highly skilled and flexible business communications
provider. It was clear what the business required and expected from its communications solution: it needed a new flexible, hosted voice environment – to simplify and centralise cost structures
for the group – that would offer new collaboration tools while integrating with an expansive, upcoming wireless project.

Beyond the delivery of voice services by Comscentre, software and internet service provider (ISP) connectivity were high priorities on a networking level. The Group currently utilises Pentana Solutions’ programs in the running of the business and a third-party internet services provider (ISP) for their wide area network (WAN).

Ultimately, three business objectives were determined: deploying a centralised, hosted voice solution, develop an environment that will support and function with a businesswide Cisco Meraki wireless rollout and deliver complete integration with Pentana’s programs and the existing WAN provider.

Why Comscentre

What differentiated Comscentre was a combination of product applicability and customer-focused solution modeling, extensive and sustained industry experience and long-term vendor partnerships.Comscentre has developed its own Hosted Collaboration

Comscentre has developed its own Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), powered by Cisco, to enable businesses to realise key communications technology outcomes, of simpler cost management, the integration of collaboration technologies and user administration. With the ability to scale a specifically-tailored hosted voice solution, capable of evolving and adapting to a growing base of users, Comscentre’s HCS model was ideally-placed to satisfy the hosted voice priorities.

The major plans for a business-wide rollout of Cisco Meraki wireless infrastructure further strengthened the Comscentre proposition. Comscentre previously reached agreement with Flight Centre to deploy and manage a full Cisco Meraki solution across all of their retail stores. The Flight Centre deployment effectively highlighted the abilities of Comscentre to design, project manage and deploy complex wireless solutions.Finally, Comscentre’s long-standing partnership and the level

Finally, Comscentre’s long-standing partnership and the level of shared knowledge supported the technical requirements involved with connecting the Pentana network and building the conjoined solutions to work together.

Simply put, Comscentre’s own HCS solution, the experience and technical expertise of working with Cisco Meraki and the long-term history with the auto industry all contributed to reaching a final agreement with the procurement team, made up of IT and Finance personnel, within the Tony White Group.


The key priority for the voice solution was that it was hosted, due to the business’ emphasis on centralisation, consolidation and simpler management of the telephony environment. Comscentre deployed the HCS solution encompassing a fully-resilient Cisco Unified Call Manager platform for the centralised voice aspect (removing disparate PABXs), Cisco Unity Connection with unified messaging and voicemail, Cisco Jabber for instant messaging (IM) and presence, as well as leveraging Cisco Expressway to enable mobile and remote access (MRA). MRA allows remote users to participate in collaboration and make and receive calls without a VPN connection required. Connectivity between the datacentre and the HCS setup was delivered via a Comscentre Secure Internet
(CSI) link.The Group required the wireless upgrade to support the focus

The Group required the wireless upgrade to support the focus The Group required the wireless upgrade to support the focus on mobility and improved end-user experience, and integrate with the HCS environment. Implementing Cisco’s MRA, the Cisco collaboration applications, e.g. Cisco Jabber, transitioning to Cisco Spark, connected seamlessly. The business upgraded the wireless infrastructure – switches and wireless access points – across the whole dealership group to Cisco Meraki.

Employees can use their own device, connect to the network and use with the applications with the MRA functionality. Meanwhile, the existing Pentana business systems in place were not affected by the changes to environment. Comscentre provisioned a cross-connect between their datacentre and the dealership group’s – connecting the WAN and enabling utilisation of Pentana’s services.
A HCS solution that changes the way the business operates and performs financially, a substantial wireless project – designed to fit with the HCS platform – and a hassle-free connection with
the existing enterprise software stand out as achievements for Comscentre. It is an achievement that is jointly lauded; for the Tony White Group, to realise the progression of a long-term ICT strategy; for Comscentre to simplify the client’s business communications and enable their business to further grow and flourish.