Pentana Solutions

A true turn-key Cloud offering developed in partnership.

The Business Challenge

Pentana Solutions is a diversified solutions provider to the automotive industry across 35 countries worldwide. Around 71% of Australian dealerships run Pentana Solutions systems to integrate all areas of the dealership including vehicle sales, general ledger, CRM, web services, inventory management, spare parts, service appointments, costing and invoicing. Their systems are developed to operate on a variety of platforms, and a key contributor to their leadership position is that they sell and support all components of the systems they supply.

They are a true one-stop-shop provider offering a full-service range of products and services required for the operation of an automotive dealership, from office supplies and stationery to data. They are the original creators of and now, both in fully integrated forms from retail dealership to consumer.

Pentana Solutions were looking for a better way to deliver data services – not simply wholesale data at a cheap rate, but a method to deliver feature rich services that could be easily managed within their organisation as part of their full support model. We worked with Pentana Solutions to supply data connections to automotive dealerships throughout Australia at competitive wholesale rates. The custom designed service provides Pentana Solutions with full transparency and control via the One Touch Control™ portal.

The Solution

A true turn-key cloud solution has enabled Pentana Solutions to provide value-added data services in weeks instead of months. We provided a customised portal, based on our One Touch Control™ portal, and tools which allow for full end-to-end service delivery, instant FNN look-up and qualification, choice of carrier, price and expected delivery times.

Comscentre have provided connectivity utilising the strength of our own national MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network to extend the reach of Pentana Solutions’ into their customers located throughout Australia. Pentana Solutions’ Points of Interconnect (POI) sites located in Melbourne and Sydney are linked to Comscentre via ‘Layer 2’ ‘point to point’ business grade Ethernet connections and ME3400 switches.

Pentana Solutions manage the POI’s and also manage their customers’ LAN and WAN IT requirements. Comscentre manages the network in between utilising ‘Layer 2’ links from assorted last mile providers to service Pentana Solutions’ end-customer sites. As well as providing secure, private connectivity between Pentana Solutions and their customers, Comscentre are delivering Internet via BGP (40Mb/s) to their new global head office in Mount Waverley Victoria.

Via the One Touch Control™ portal, Pentana Solutions have full visibility and access to each of their customer’s networks. They retain full control and customer facing visibility providing a seamless integrated data service that complements other services.

The portal is Australia’s first fully integrated cloud computer based communication network, management system and help desk product in Australia. As such Pentana Solutions are only required to have a private network to receive all of the One Touch features, rather than the cost and equipment to host it internally.

The Results

The immediate benefit for Pentana Solutions is ready-built access to Comscentre’s national MPLS platform. This means new connections into Pentana Solutions’ dealerships can be qualified easily online, then ordered with confidence and provisioned quickly, with low risk and no capital outlay.

“Comscentre worked very hard with us in understanding our needs & those of the automotive industry. This approach continues today very much in partnership rather than a simple supplier/purchaser arrangement.” Nev Blackley – Exec Global Growth & Strategy

With actual network access providing full transparency, end to end, Pentana Solutions’ technical team can see the data system exactly the way Comscentre technical staff do. With network ‘sweeps’ occurring every ten minutes, Pentana Solutions can see and act on issues rapidly, often before their customers are even aware of them. Pentana Solutions can provide first level support to customers and have routing control without the cost of having to purchase equipment, redundancy and POP’s.

“The transparency & flexibility we have with our new network solution ensures not only that we can offer the best & most cost effective solutions but also gives us full visibility for ongoing support & proactive analysis for our customers’ needs.” Nev Blackley

Most importantly, as one of the first appointed National Broadband Network (NBN) ISP’s, Comscentre will provide the opportunity for Pentana Solutions to be amongst the first companies to gain access to the super-fast services of the NBN. The relationship with Comscentre will provide a cost effective, immediate way to provide customised services via the NBN, thus further cementing their place in the Auto industry as a market leader.