Hawthorn Football Club

Comscentre kicks a goal for Hawthorn.


When Aussie Rules football team Hawthorn moved from its traditional heartland of Glenferrie Oval to the Melbourne suburb of Mulgrave, it turned to Comscentre for its voice and data IP needs. Housed within Waverley Park’s heritage-listed stadium, the administrative arm of the club required a new network to replace its ageing infrastructure. As a professional sporting organisation, the Club’s role includes management of the team’s sponsorship, marketing, merchandise and membership.

Hawthorn’s employees and  players also needed a system that could grow with the Club as new sites roll out and new technologies come to market.
Cameron Quilty, Comscentre Business Development Manager

They knew they had to upgrade, but didn’t want to install a system that would quickly date and become obsolete.


Prior to partnering with Comscentre, Hawthorn Football Club was using multiple carriers – one provider for phones, another for data, as well as a provider to maintain its PABX system.
James Bingham,Hawthorn Football Club IT Coordinator.

What attracted us to Comscentre was the one-stop shop – one company accountable for all those services and just one bill. We got a network upgrade (managed service, training and installation) and all our infrastructure for less than what we had been spending per month.

Hawthorn had been spending up to $6,000 per month on voice and data, Comscentre reduced that figure to $4,500.

As well as reducing call spend, Hawthorn made further savings by avoiding capital outlay costs via Comscentre’s equipment lease arrangement. Comscentre deployed the Cisco Call Manager Express solution, allowing for VoIP calls between sites. This deployment included the installation of GSM diallers – wall-mounted mobile phones allowing free fleet-to-fleet calls between fleet plan users.
Trevor Inglis, Comscentre Project Manager

Phone calls to mobiles from a landline is a big expense for an organisation this size, but this helps bring the cost down. Staff and players can also use ‘soft phones’ (PC phones) to make calls into and out of the office over the VPN (Virtual Private Network) for the cost of a local call.


The busiest department for Hawthorn, in terms of phone communication, is its membership section. The technology installed by Comscentre will allow the Club streaming capability and remote communication with players eventually allowing for dialup into the server from laptops as well as to access footage of the game.
James Bingham, Hawthorn Football Club IT Coordinator

The new phones allow staff to see where people are calling from and allow fast access to database. The phone system also links with Outlook (email), which improves communication with our members.
Streaming is in the future, but the capability is definitely there, thanks to Comscentre. Comscentre has provided Hawthorn with the ability to expand bandwidth (from 2MG to 4MG) for 24 and 48-hour periods allowing for short streaming periods that won’t blow the budget.
James Bingham, Hawthorn Football Club IT Coordinator

Post sales support has been excellent. My enquiries are followed up straight away and an email is sent once a problem is fixed. Comscentre also provides technical troubleshooting remotely and is always only a phone call away.