Carinity provides care services to senior citizens, both in their home and in residential, as well as providing education for disadvantaged youth.  As part of the Baptist Care Group, their vision is to provide high quality care services to the most vulnerable in our communities.

One of the key issues impacting senior care in Australia is isolation, which can be a major cause of depression and stress for those in care.  As such, the ability to keep residents connected with their families and friends not only alleviates concern among their extended networks, but also provides significantly improved outcomes for the residents themselves.

As a not for profit though, Carinity knows that historically they haven’t always put in place solutions that have integrated well with their existing solutions and infrastructure, which has made it difficult for them to achieve efficiencies in the business, and to pass those services onto their clients.


We invested the time to sit down with Carinity and focus on really understanding the needs of their end customers and how we could work with them to deliver on their vision to support those customers.  By doing this, we were able to refine their requirements and propose a tech solution which would best suit their immediate and future needs.

That solution was an HCS hosted cloud telephony solution, which enabled Carinity to realise immediate cost and operating efficiencies across the business, and enable them to pass on superior services to their residents in senior care, delivering an improved customer experience.


The end result for Carinity was reduced complexity for their residents who can now just pick up the phone and know they can make a call to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Being a more comprehensively integrated solution, Carinity are able to push out and pass on services to their end clients now that enable a higher quality of life.